Boris Johnson revealed to be a big cunt

June 28, 2013

Boris Johnson has been exposed as a big cunt after apparently forgetting to act like just a fucking idiot during a speech.

The London Mayor had combed hair, spoke clearly and made no oblique bawdy jokes during the unrecognisable appearance in London yesterday.

Boris Johnson normally
And as he appeared yesterday

One observer said: “There are expectations of Boris: turn up on a bicycle with a big stupid face and hair that looks back-to-front, mumble enigmatically and respond to difficult questions with irrelevant quips about the French being ‘cowards’.

“Without that, what is he? A big cunt, that’s what.

“But today he arrived in a chauffeur-driven car. His hair was neat. He spoke lucidly, made a pertinent joke and gave some sensible answers.

“He didn’t act like a fucking idiot at all.”

Hecklers shouted “Cunt” at the plausible performance.

It’s not the first time suspicions have been raised that the former Bullingdon Club member is not really just a fucking idiot.

In a damaging TV grilling in March, the BBC’s Eddie Mair asked him: “Making up quotes at The Times; lying to your party leader about an affair; agreeing to supply a reporter’s address so he can be beaten up – you’re a big cunt, aren’t you?”

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