Dynamo ‘turns into a dynamo’

June 26, 2013

Ugly magician Dynamo amazed onlookers yesterday by appearing to turn into an actual dynamo.

TV’s ‘Magician Impossible’ appeared suspended alongside a bicycle’s wheel as it cycled past London landmarks during the impossible trick.


At one stage, the magician appeared to be in two places at once as a second bicycle with a dynamo passed the first.

Onlookers were left searching for an explanation for the amazeballs stunt. One said: “To those who are saying it’s not real, I can tell you it was. The question is, how did he do it?”

A dynamo

However, sceptics said the dynamos were just dynamos and the real Dynamo was in all probability probably hiding somewhere else.

One onlooker said: “It’s just a fucking dynamo.”

And the cyclist told Swan Bake: “I have no idea what you mean. Magician? I’m going to work.”

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