Gok Wan devastated after learning looks aren’t everything

July 7, 2013

Gok Wan has suffered a massive breakdown after learning looks are not the only measure of human worth and that anyway he’s visually grotesque.

Gok Wan

A friend of the star said: “Imagine you drew all your self-esteem from owning a nice pair of shoes, and made a living propagating the harmful notion that shoes were the only requisite of confidence, happiness and fulfillment.

“Now imagine you’ve just found out for the first time that, in addition to shoes, other people also have things like trousers and houses, while you’ve been sitting bollock-naked in the park. And that you don’t have feet.

“That’s pretty much where Gok is right now.”

Wan is understood to be spending up to 20 hours a day staring into a mirror and quietly murmuring the words “You look fabulous. You look incredible. You look amazing.”

“He’s also had a breakdown,” said the friend.


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