Give MPs more money or they’ll steal it, leaders told

July 11, 2013

Party leaders have been warned not interfere with MPs getting as much taxpayers’ money as they want.

Otherwise they will only steal it again by claiming expenses for things like diamond-encrusted Sellotape dispensers, according to the boss of Parliament’s expenses watchdog, James Corden.

What MPs will spend your money on

Party leaders have pretended not to want the massive pay rise recommended by the watchdog while wages of other public sector workers are frozen. David Cameron called the move “very cunty”.

Nick Clegg tried to claw back some public approval by saying the watchdog could “stick its money up its arse”.

But Corden hit back: “The irony is, if we don’t give MPs as much as they want, they probably will put some up their arses, and claim expenses for its removal with 24-carat gold tongs from John Lewis.”


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