Katie Hopkins to be face of welfare reforms

July 16, 2013

An image used in hospitals to induce vomiting

Katie Hopkins has been chosen as the face of Government welfare reforms.

The former Apprentice contestant will personally assess benefit claimants after impressing senior Tories with her social awareness during TV chat show appearances.

Those overweight or who live in a small house or simply didn’t go to private school will be told their life is not worth sustaining.

A senior Tory source said: “It will be like an episode of The Apprentice except Katie will do the firing. Of everyone, right at the beginning, for being the wrong class. Then the show will end.”

Hopkins was branded Britain’s most abhorrent shithead after saying on TV’s The Wright Stuff that poor people were essentially bad.

Defending herself, she said: “Matthew Wright said the show was getting the best calls ever, as if I’d opened a gateway for people to say what they really think.”

Wright said: “Yes. Everyone said they wanted her to die.”

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