Confusion and disbelief as train arrives on time – but it’s only a drill

March 7, 2016

Commuters were left confused and afraid yesterday by a realistic recreation of a train running on time – but it was only an exercise.


London Paddington sign
A generic picture taken at the scene of the event but on a different day

London Paddington was the destination of the mock-up train, carrying some 600 passengers, who were then herded onto replacement bus services back to their point of origin to catch the real train, which was cancelled.

Commuter Neville Slacks said: “It was weird because it was exactly like a train, except it wasn’t late. It was so realistic. I think it might have actually been real.

“But then they said it wasn’t. To be honest, I’m confused.”

Rail bosses said actually making a train run on time was the best way to prepare staff for the unlikely eventuality of one being on time.

Train driver Rocky Balboa said: “You can’t get training like this from a book. Unless it’s a book about how not to be late.”

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