People who say they were ‘playing devil’s advocate’ all liars

April 5, 2016

People who suddenly claim they were ‘only playing devil’s advocate’ are all making it up to mask stupidity, they have confirmed.

Instead of being clever enough to take a contrary position as an exercise, they’re actually idiots looking for a way out of the corner they have backed themselves into by talking nonsense, they admit.

A man claiming to have been ‘playing Devil’s advocate’

A spokesman for everyone to ever make the claim said: “Admitting you’re stupid is a lot more difficult than pretending you’re a sort of intellectual gymnast who defends the indefensible just to stay on top of your game.

“But we are stupid. The only way we’ll ever do mental exercise is by going insane at the gym.”

Tina Smith, who made the claim five times in as many Facebook threads, said: “I think up these perfect, unassailable arguments, but then people point out it’s just racism with no full stops and I need a way out.

“Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. It’s not my fault I’m unable to form one.”

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