Racists to hold referendum on leaving UK

March 11, 2016

Bigots and racists are to hold a referendum on leaving the UK if the country votes no to Brexit.

A yes vote in the bigots and racists referendum – coincidentally also to be known as ‘Brexit’ – would see UK territory end at the front doors of the prejudiced and narrow-minded.

A racist talks to Swan Bake in Slough

Racists would have to show passports to go out but most are expected to never leave their homes, where they will spend all their time checking and re-checking the doors are locked and that no one is camping in the garden.

Speaking through his letterbox in Slough, racist Ivan Drago told Swan Bake: “What are you doing on my property? Get out of my garden. Don’t put up a tent.

“Why have you rung my bell? That’s my electricity. You can’t take anything from here. Unless you’ve come to work. There’s no work. Stop trying to take my work.

“Stop imposing your mad rules on me!”

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