Richest 1% now pay higher proportion of income tax than ever – because they have all the money

March 17, 2016

George Osborne says he has made the rich pay a bigger proportion of tax than ever before, simply by giving them everyone else’s money.

The richest 1% of the population now pay a higher proportion of total income tax than at any point under Labour – because no one else has any income, the Chancellor boasted.

Osborne: ‘We’ll tax sugar, because I want it all’

Mr Osborne said in his Budget speech: “No one can say the rich aren’t being made to pay their share under a Conservative government. The richest 1% are now paying exactly the same share of income tax as their share of income: all of it.

“In this Budget we redouble our efforts to make Britain fitter with a commitment to now target the richest 0.1% with bigger taxes – by giving all the money to them.

“It’s fucking brilliant.”

Asked by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn how the Government would help everyone else, the Chancellor said: “Who even are you?”

Mr Osborne added: “We’ll tax fizzy drinks or something. Because one thing’s for sure: we’re not paying for them to be fat cunts.”

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