Britain asks: who even is Jeremy Corbyn?

Jeremy Corbyn has said that staying in the EU will best equip Britain to face future challenges, leaving voters pondering who he is.


The man is today due to ‘intervene’ in the EU debate and set out a case for the UK remaining, but Ken Hutch of Liverpool said: “Is he the postman? No, wait. He sells ice creams in the park on bank holidays, doesn’t he?”

David Starsky from Blackpool said: “Apparently he’s been criticised for not being vocal enough on the issue. That seems a bit unfair. I asked the man who works at Betfred if he was in or out and he said ‘Dunno’ but I didn’t have a go at him for it.

“Isn’t it the same bloke?”

Huggy Bear, from Anglesea, said: “He looks like he’s gone for a walk in his slippers and can’t remember the way back.

“I think we should probably check his footwear before we start demanding he tell us what’s best for the future of the nation.”

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