High-earner says poor have too much

April 19, 2016

The poor ought to get by on less so the well-off can keep more money to themselves, according to a man who earns £200,000 a year

Instead of taxing the wealthy more because they have more to give, the government should withdraw support from those struggling, so that 37-year-old investment analyst Steve Denton can trade his BMW M5 in for a 911, he said.

Paul Shitthebed

Denton said: “I’ve decided I deserve everything I have, thereby avoiding any sense of duty to those with less. It’s their fault for not being as much like me as I am.

“All I know is that whatever they’ve got is too much if it in any way reduces my ability to buy a second home in Devon.

“I’d just prefer it if no one helped anyone else in any way because I personally don’t need any help so don’t stand to gain from the dynamic.”

Denton’s friend Mike Michael: “Steve’s alright but the other day he said I couldn’t pump up my bike tyres because I’d be using air which he’d just exhaled. He said riding on flats would give me an incentive to stop needing his breath.”

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