Britain promises to stay in EU if Michael Gove will leave

April 20, 2016

Britain has vowed to remain in the EU and never question the matter again as long as Michael Gove goes through with his ambition to leave.

Gove has learned to feign a human emotion by turning his mouth up at the corners

Even staunch eurosceptics are putting politics second to the need to not be on the same side as a man with the appeal of a smashed pelvis.

Eurosceptic George Carter said: “Yes, we want liberation, empowerment and patriotic renewal. But more than any of that we want to not be like the man with the murderous-schoolboy face.

“Every time he comes on the TV my dog whimpers and pees on the carpet. To find your position represented by him in a national debate is like discovering your father is a tarantula.

“All considerations of national sovereignty come second to the imperative to be as far removed from him as possible in every sense, including geographically.”

Former In campaigner Frank Haskins said: “I’m joining the Leave campaign but it’s a new one to get Michael Gove to leave.”

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