Racist man makes Boris Johnson bust

April 23, 2016

A racist is making a bust of Boris Johnson in appreciation of the London Mayor’s observation that Barack Obama is after all black.

Play-Doh head


White supremacist Paul Hatchback was delighted when Johnson called the US President’s warning against leaving the EU ‘black words’.

Writing in a national newspaper, Johnson said: ‘And let’s not forget, there ain’t no black in the Union Jack.’

Hatchback, from Dagenham, said: “Whenever I can’t decide whose side to take in a debate, I simply ask whose face is like mine. I’m grateful to Boris for clarifying the EU debate by highlighting that Mr Obama’s face is a bit darker than mine.”

When completed, Hatchback will put the five-inch Play-Doh bust on his mantlepiece next to one of 18th century slave trader John Newton.

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