Brexiter says children should stop in ‘nearest safe room’ to bedrooms instead of entering living room

July 21, 2016

A Brexiter thinks his children should stop at the “nearest safe room” to their bedrooms instead of coming into the living room.

closed door
Mr Beale’s living room ‘border’

Peter Beale is making his two teenage children stand in the hallway, claiming they are no longer simply escaping their rooms but instead looking for somewhere more comfortable.

He said: “I understand it can get boring being alone in your bedroom but why do they have to come in here? Their mother should have stopped them at the other end of the hallway, before they got to the living room door. If I let them in, this room will lose its identity as a place principally for me.

“Also, the last time that boy got in here, he took a book from the shelf and gave it to his sister, upstairs. That’s not on.”

Mr Beale’s son Ian said: “I wouldn’t mind but the other day I caught him stealing a fiver from my bedroom. He said: ‘I’m keeping access to the single household economy,’ and walked out.”

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