ISIS recruit has ‘Are we the baddies?’ moment

July 27, 2016

An ISIS ‘soldier’ experienced a moment of clarity in which he briefly wondered whether he could be about to do something terrible.

The extremist was preparing to murder a lot of defenceless people for holding different beliefs to his when it occurred to him that he might look like the unreasonable party in that exchange, especially if all this god stuff  turned out to be bollocks.

He said: “That’s not possible, is it? Because that would make this an awful thing to do. And it would make this whole business all just seem terribly sad. All the killing people.

“It definitely isn’t possible.

“Is it?”

Perpetually smiling Professor Brian Cox said: “We’re all indoctrinated with something. In his case it’s the desire to indiscriminately murder everyone in the world indoctrinated with something else.

“Frankly that would confuse me.”

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