Prison isolation will make welcome break from telly commitments, says Anjem Choudary

August 22, 2016

Putting Anjem Choudary in a prison isolation unit to stop him spreading hatred will give him a nice break from doing it on TV, he says.

Jack-in-the-box jihadi Anjem Choudary

While the measure may stop him radicalising violent convicts, it doesn’t really matter because he’ll just go on Newsnight when he gets out and do it that way, he has confirmed

The radical hate trumpet refused to speak directly to the press about finally having to shut up, but a stand-in dial-a-jihadi said: “He’s tired of the limelight.

“For years he’s been a jihadi jack-in-the-box for tabloids and telly.

“Press a button and out he pops: ‘Stone adulterers!’ Shut the box and share the public’s outrage at what’s in there, like it wasn’t you that let it out.

“He’s also been busy exploiting his stardom by personally influencing as many impressionable people as possible.

“He deserves to put his feet up.

“For the duration of his incarceration, journalists needing a focal-point for outrage or simply to fan the flames of division can come to me.

“Later you can write with no hint of irony about me finally being silenced.

“Have I mentioned that I support the killing of everyone who doesn’t share my narrow world view? Get that in, please.”

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