Disbelief as France burkini ban fails to fix terrorism

August 26, 2016

France is reeling in shock at indications that extremists might still want to do terrorism despite the country’s vague and divisive beach dress code for women.

An ‘incorrectly’ dressed woman in France, yesterday

It was thought that the banning of ‘incorrect’ muslim women’s clothing would immediately neutralise radicalism and that if it didn’t, nothing could.

But in a development which French authorities are calling a “curveball”, intelligence agencies say it may not have worked.

The news has divided French government, with some saying mayors should think before banning stuff and others laying blame at the door of muslims and their “disrespectful” clothes.

In a further complication, non-muslim women have also reacted angrily to the ban, a response not anticipated by the male architects of the policy who wear whatever they want wherever they go in the world

a French minister told Swan Bake: “And do you know what else? Turns out it’s not even fucking legal. Who could have predicted that of a ban on ‘bad-mannered’ clothes which leaves it to the police to interpret what that means?

“This is political correctness gone mad.”

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