‘Creepy clown’ phenomenon spreads from UK to US

October 11, 2016

A “creepy clown” who caused havoc in the UK has now been seen in the US.

“Terrifying contrast”: the happy clown…

The prankster, who spread fear across Britain with a string of appearances as a “creepy racist clown”, has appeared in New York with another scary clown, known to be local.

Witness Ray Doyle said: “The UK clown stands there with this hideous huge grin on his face while the US one has this big frown.

“It’s an unnerving contrast made all the more terrifying by their grotesquely exaggerated features – the frowning clown’s bald with a candyfloss wig and the smiling one has no lips at all and looks like an Alan Partridge walk-on in The Simpsons.

“I shat a brick.”

…and the sad one.

The pair have terrified women in particular, with a victim randomly told to “calm down” in one creepy appearance by the smiling UK clown and another threatened with sexual assault by his frowning US counterpart.

New York Police Commissioner Bill Bodie said: “The real fear is this could spread and turn into a craze as it did in the UK, where 52% of the population were persuaded to act like total clowns.”

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