Jean-Claude Juncker less sympathetic to Theresa May’s Brexit expectations than Jean-Claude Van Damme

Theresa May has less hope of reaching mutually acceptable Brexit terms with Jean-Claude Juncker than with Universal Soldier star Jean-Claude Van Damme, it has emerged.

Jean-Claude Juncker in training for Brexit talks

While the Muscles from Brussels has yet to comment on Brexit, the European Commission president has been actively expressing his disdain by communicating with Mrs May in Van Damme quotes.

Told of Mrs May’s plans for a “hard Brexit” but also for Britain to play a full role in the EU until it left, Mr Juncker said: “If you think you can have whatever you want then it’s probably time to die.”

On Mrs May’s objection to talks being held in French, he said: “A slap in the face is the same in every language.”

Number 10 has welcomed Mr Juncker’s comments as an improvement on the mouth-fart he offered in response to Mrs May’s EU summit Brexit speech.

However, asked for clarification of his position Mr Juncker told Swan Bake: “I’m fascinated by air. Air is beautiful yet you cannot see it. It’s soft yet you cannot touch it.

“Air is also like Brexit. You can blow it out your arse.”

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