‘Any new way to get out of Britain can only be good’ say Business chiefs on Heathrow expansion

October 26, 2016

Business leaders have welcomed the government’s approval of a third Heathrow runway on the basis that any new way to leave Britain can’t be bad.

Planes full of business people queue to leave the UK

After Brexit, firms able to relocate to Europe will dig a new Channel Tunnel with their bare hands if that’s what it takes, so yes, what the Hell, let’s have more runways, they say.

William Bodie, chief executive of Tech Holdings, said: “How many fire escapes from a burning building is too many? The answer is none.

“I mean a lot, you can never have too many, I mean – look, just build it. We can talk about why at our offices in Munich.

“My only question for Theresa May is, are shovels in the ground yet? And if not why not?

“And is three enough?”

Ray Doyle of the Institute of Companies, said: “Build a dozen runways. No, a hundred.

“Turn Britain into one huge airport, with more border force officers than passengers, because don’t forget no one’s allowed in.

“That’s your best chance of an industry now.”

Nigel Farage said: “Clearly these businesses don’t accept the democratic will of the British people, otherwise they would agree to share their fate of bankruptcy.”

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