More animals throttled by Michael Heseltine come forward

November 2, 2016

Michael Heseltine is facing fresh accusations of attacking animals after others came forward in the wake of his admission to throttling his mother’s Alsatian.

‘He had murder in his eyes so I got the fucker like this,’ admits Lord Heseltine

Rex, a Border Collie belonging to one of Lord Heseltine’s elderly neighbours, has accused the Tory peer of trying to strangle him when his owner momentarily left the room.

Rex said: “He was stroking my head softly and saying ‘Good boy’, but then Nancy went to make tea and he changed.

“His fingers slipped around my throat and he said ‘Right you little fucker, bite me would you?’ and began to squeeze.

“The world seemed to drift away but then he let go. I saw Nancy back in the room holding two cups of tea, and Heseltine was telling her ‘He was biting. He went for my throat. He was all over me. He’s clearly having a mental breakdown so I was doing the kindest things. You know, to protect you.’

“She said ‘He seems calm now,’ and Heseltine said ‘We should still kill him though.’”

Local cat Oscar told Swan Bake: “He tried to strangle me for being a ‘foreign pest’.

“This was in the cat rescue home where I live.”

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