Farage and Trump photo taken ‘just after Nazi joke’

November 16, 2016

The photo of Nigel Farage and Donald Trump laughing in New York was taken just after the president-elect made a joke about what a pair of Nazis they are, it has emerged.

“We do Nazism so good.”

The pair had met to debate whether to come out yet as full-blown Nazis when Trump quipped “I thought we already had,” insiders have confirmed.

A source said: “Having both achieved success by appealing to popular prejudices, and normalised fascism in the process, Nigel wanted to discuss whether the time was right to make the comparability with the rise of the Third Reich complete.

“However, from the moment Nigel greeted him with a Nazi salute and ‘Heil Trump!’ neither of them could stop laughing long enough to hold any kind of discussion.

“So they just spent an hour goose-stepping around Trump’s presidential suite and pissing themselves.

“Trump made his ‘I thought we already had’ joke just as the photo was taken. That’s why Nigel looks like he’s choking on an invisible baguette.

“I mean even more than usual.

“They get on so well. It’s definitely good for Britain to have its own prominent Nazi politician.”

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