I know answer to Trump’s “you tell me how I’m different to a Nazi” conundrum, says man

November 17, 2016

A man believes he can answer Donald Trump’s call for an explanation of the difference between a Nazi and himself.

“Will someone tell me the difference between me and a Nazi?” Until Mr Doyle reveals his theory, the answer to Trump’s conundrum could remain a mystery.

Ray Doyle read about Trump repeatedly answering “you tell me” when asked by a reporter how his Muslim registry would differ from Nazi registration of Jews, and immediately began working on the brain-teaser.

Mr Doyle said: “The reporter doesn’t know the difference between Trump and a Nazi. Trump doesn’t know the difference between himself and a Nazi. So who does know the difference? The problem looked impossible and I was ready to give up.

“But then by chance I overheard a conversation between my two young children, who don’t understand questions and accountability because they’re basically imbeciles.

“One said ‘What’s the difference between upside-down and downside-up?’ and the other said ‘I don’t know.’

“‘There is no difference,’ I told them. ‘Fucking idiots.’

“And at that moment I also struck upon what I believe is the answer to Trump’s riddle.

“I’m keeping it to myself until I can tell Trump directly, which could be difficult.

“I got through to a member of his administration team this morning but when I asked if I could speak to Mr Trump he said ‘You tell me.’”

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