Farage: ‘Actually, let’s not take back control.’

November 23, 2016

Nigel Farage has completely changed his mind about Britain needing to ‘take back control’ after seeing a way to personally benefit from the U-turn.

“You know that control you took back, Nigel? It’s mine.”

After basing an entire career on the claim Britain needs to re-establish sovereignty, the former UKIP leader now says UK government appointments should be made by Donald Trump on Twitter.

Retweeting Trump’s call for him to be appointed UK ambassador to the US, Farage wrote: ‘The world has changed, into one without principles, only the capricious will of self-serving rich white neo-fascist egotists.

‘It’s time Downing Street did too.’

Trump has since announced a full list of new UK ministerial and government appointments in a series of impulsive tweets, something backed by Farage in a column for a neo-fascist US website.

Farage wrote: ‘UKIP, the referendum result and the good of the country were never really important to me if I’m honest.

‘It is career politics at its worst and it is now getting in the way of the national interest.

‘Deal with it.’

In a further twist, the ‘many people’ who Trump says want Farage to be ambassador have turned out to be the same band of politically confused arseholes who backed UKIP all along.

Portsmouth arsehole Ray Doyle said: “I demand democracy and British sovereignty but I also want the unelected Farage to be appointed to government by Trump.

“So it turns out I’m just a confused racist.”

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