The Sun scares readers with nearly accurate headline

November 24, 2016

The Sun newspaper left thousands of readers scared without knowing why today by nearly shouting the truth at them in big capital letters.


The front page of Murdoch’s biggest bullshit organ made insanely positive claims about the economy which somehow rang untrue even to the gullible thanks to the massive, clumsy headline ‘BREXFIT’, only two letters away from factual.

Sun reader Will Bodie said: “I thought, hmm, Brexfit? What’s that about? Let’s find out.

“I learned the Budget will get Britain in shape. That Chancellor Philip Hammond has ‘unveiled a blueprint to get Britain match fit for Brexit’.

“Great. So why am I thinking ‘Brexshit’?”

Professor Brian Cox explained: “There are two factors at work were. Number one, ‘Brexfit’ is difficult to say. Number two, it’s bullshit.

“In contrast, ‘Brexshit’ is easy to say and not bullshit, since Brexit is shit.”

Professor Cox said the sudden exposure to near-truth was likely to cause confusion, anxiety and even nightmares for Sun readers, “for example about a shit trying to get fit”.

The far-right Daily Express tried harder to protect readers from facts by making absolutely no front-page mention of the £58billion deficit caused by Brexit but still left them feeling uneasy with the awkward headline ‘Britain’s match-fit for EU exit’.

Express reader Ray Doyle said: “Why am I thinking ‘Britain’s match-fit for EU exshit’”?


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