People from poor backgrounds in ‘not as much money’ shock

December 15, 2016

Researchers struggling to explain why fewer poor people are attending university are claiming it could be because it costs a lot of money.


Replacing grants with tiny loans was expected to have equal impact on rich and poor students but, to the genuine surprise of ministers responsible, has not.

Now a think tank investigating the record gap between rich and poor student numbers says there is also a gap between how much money they have to spend on things.

Professor Ray Doyle, head of the William Bodie Institute, said: “Interestingly, we found that rich people have more money to spend on things, not the same or less.

“Using a computer model, we then showed that reducing student financial support would result in the number of students with more money to spend – who are also rich – becoming less. I mean more.

“This does not mean that abolishing maintenance grants has turned poor students into rich ones.

“Does it?”

Theresa May said: “We want to help those who help themselves. For example, why don’t they just sell their leather trousers?”

Student George Cowley said: “It’s a misconception that getting rid of poor students has been bad for social mobility. I have a Porsche.”

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