Nigel Farage to mark Christmas by insulting the recently bereaved

December 21, 2016

Nigel Farage is celebrating the festive season by insulting the recently bereaved in the most insensitive and tasteless ways he can think of.

Nigel Farage
Farage laughing at a wheelchair-bound man stuck at the bottom of some stairs.

The former UKIP leader is sending grieving families Christmas cards with messages including ‘Don’t think this means you can have an opinion.’

The oily hate-monger has also created messages specifically for bereaved people who support remaining in the EU, including ‘I’m sorry but it’s what you voted for.’

Recently bereaved Ray Doyle said: “I’ve got all these messages of love and support and then this card from Farage saying ‘Chat shit, stuff happens.’

“He’s drawn a picture of a carriage with the word ‘Bandwagon’ written on it. There’s a stickman inside with tears springing out of his face, and he’s written ‘You’ next to him.”

A spokesman for Farage: “Fewer people doesn’t just mean fewer good people. It also means fewer bad people.

“It’s about time the bereaved confronted that truth.”

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