Farage to stay on as spokesman for small-minded arse-gravy

January 5, 2017

Nigel Farage would like continue surfing the tides of ignorance by talking out of his arse, he has confirmed.

Nigel Farage unhappy
Nigel Farage reading one of his own tweets.

Although he wants a “wholesale change” in leadership and any “career diplomats” replaced, as a career bullshitter he intends to continue talking bullshit, like that, he says.

It would probably be “democratic” to give him a senior role despite multiple failed attempts to be elected MP and that’s exactly the sort of horseshit that’s got him where he is, he said.

The former UKIP leader said: “Look, if I actually had a position in government or the civil service, people might look more closely at what I say and start asking questions like ‘What’s he even talking about? It’s bollocks, isn’t it?’

“The world has changed. It’s time the revolution was completed by getting rid of anyone who knows how to do their job. Apart from me because appealing to common emotion with this sort of impassioned populist bullshit is all I’m good at.

“See? Still got it.”

Farage supporter Ray Doyle said: “He’s only saying what everyone feels.”

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