Corbyn goes for ‘unpopulist’ vote

January 11, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn hopes to position Labour as the alternative to populist party UKIP by going for the “unpopulist vote”.

Dynamic Mr Corbyn in full flow yesterday.

The opposition leader has announced a set of deeply unpopular policies, then quickly withdrawn them to achieve optimum unpopulism across the political spectrum.

During a radio interview yesterday, Mr Corbyn said he believed strictly in the Marxist principal of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” before adding “It might be the other way round.”

Labour sources say his intention was to anger all but his staunchest socialist supporters before roundly alienating them too.

To repel even the politically confused, the Labour leader intentionally undermined his own policies by appearing to conceive them on impulse.

Mr Corbyn said: “Britain should have open borders to everyone. Except blacks, now I think of it. Britain’s full, send them back.

“We’re not wedded to freedom of movement. Neither are we divorced from it.

“Right now I’m seeing it more as acrimoniously separated with a restraining order in place. But that will change.”

A Labour spokesman said: “He’s basically making it up as he goes along, isn’t he?

“I mean he’s definitely not making it up as he goes along. Stop misinterpreting his mispeech.”

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