Which is it? ask Trump supporters after he calls spies ‘disgraceful’ and ‘Nazis’

January 12, 2017

Donald Trump’s supporters are complaining they don’t know whether to love spies or hate them after he said they were like “Nazis” and “disgraceful” in the same breath.


The president-elect said it was a “disgrace” that intelligence agencies leaked details of him watching prostitutes urinate and “something Nazi Germany would have done”, leaving his white-supremacist support-base unsure whether to boo or cheer.

Trump voter Ray Doyle said: “First I was sad about the spies. Then I was happy. On reflection I’m ambivalent.

“I just need to know: disgraceful or Nazis – which?”

Fellow Trump voter Will Bodie said: “I suppose he could be saying that doing something Nazi Germany would have done is in itself a disgrace, for example requiring every member of a particular minority to register on a database.

“Sorry – I stopped making sense there for a minute.”

Trump compounded the confusion by tweeting: ‘Are we living in Nazi Germany?’

One supporter replied: ‘No. You don’t take office until next week.’

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