Britain to ‘leave the fuck out of the EU’ says May

January 17, 2017

Britain will leave the EU, rejoin it and then leave it again just to make absolutely certain it is has left, Theresa May has said.


Rather than have any “half in, half out” deal, Britain will come so far out that it will go back in the other side, and then out, the Prime Minister said in her Brexit speech.

Mrs May said: “We’re going to the leave the EU. Then we’re going to leave wherever we end up.

“We’re going to keep leaving until we end up back in the EU. And then we’re going to leave.

“And if the EU has some kind of problem with that, we’ll crush everything it values into tiny pieces for being unfriendly. And then leave again.

“We’ll work to strengthen the precious union between the four nations of the United Kingdom, before Scotland leaves.

“We’ll sign the freest possible trade deal with European countries and then leave our copy somewhere, probably in a taxi, as we leave, because no deal is better than a bad one.

“We’ll work to maintain a common travel area with the Republic of Ireland for the sake of the decades-long peace process. And then we’ll travel out of it because it’s in the EU, and we’re leaving.”

Asked if Britain would still leave the EU if parliament rejected the final Brexit deal, a Number 10 spokesperson said: “Either way it’s clear the Prime Minister has taken leave of her senses.”

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