Everyone agrees they would like to see Boris Johnson get a WWII movie punishment beating

January 19, 2017

Everyone would enjoy watching Boris Johnson receive a WWII movie-style punishment beating for escaping from whatever shit comedy he came from, they have agreed.


The spectacle of the ridiculous toff being comprehensively pummelled would raise enough in pay-per-view revenue to cover Britain’s contributions to the EU and also fix the NHS many times over, indications suggest.

Person Ray Doyle said: “What the world needs right now is a sense of unity. And what unites more people than the offence caused by this conscienceless upper-class cunt?”

Will Bodie, another person, said: “Look, I voted Brexit, but Boris Johnson getting dragged into a room, tied to a chair and slapped repeatedly around his big posh face – I just don’t see any negatives here.”

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