Being a c**t is supposed to be frustrating, Trump’s press secretary reminded

Being press secretary for the Trump administration is frustrating because the Trump administration is a pile of shit, Sean Spicer has been reminded.

Sean Spicer finds being a cunt “frustrating”.

After telling journalists at a press conference that their use of facts was “frustrating”, Trump’s press secretary faces calls to stop talking shit then.

Spicer complained that undermining the Trump “movement” with facts was “frustrating not just for him but for so many of us that are working to get this message out,” leading journalists to respond: “Yes.”

However, Ray Doyle, who watched the press conference on TV, said: “I completely understand Mr Spicer’s position. When I was charged with murder, I disagreed with the facts and presented alternative ones.

“I now find it hugely frustrating to be serving a life prison term.”

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