There is absolutely no chance no one thought this through, Brexiters assure Remainers

There is zero possibility that half the country voted for Brexit with no idea what would happen as a result, because that would have been mad, Remainers have been assured.


Brexiters were fully versed in the potential consequences of their vote and that’s why no one was surprised or complained about yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling upholding centuries-old constitutional law.

Brexiter Ray Doyle said: “If anything, what yesterday showed was that leaving the EU was the informed vote because I spent my day reassuring worried Remainers that everything was in hand and turning out just as expected.

“I didn’t go ballistic about a result that would have seemed inevitable to anyone who’d done even the most perfunctory research.

“Definitely not.”

Fellow Brexiter Will Bodie said: “It just goes to show what a good idea referendums are, and how the public is best qualified to set the country’s course, not career politicians or experts.

“Who needs professionals when you can do something yourself?”

Bodie’s neighbour George Cowley said: “He said the same thing about knocking through a wall in his house. Before he moved into the caravan.”

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