Well done getting rid of all those tyrants, world tells America

The US has done a really great job of deposing tyrannical leaders, the rest of the world would just like to say.


All those dangerous tyrants, gone, and good riddance to them – thanks America! the whole world has said as one.

Mary Lacey from Reading said: “It took iron resolve, enormous sacrifice and sometimes some very difficult decisions but as a result I can sleep soundly in the knowledge there isn’t some complete maniac out there with, I don’t know, weapons of mass destruction.

“Imagine that!

“You know, like some sort of crazy narcissist who invents reality to suit himself. They’re all gone, right?”

Ray Doyle of Southend said: “I’m really glad it wasn’t all for nothing because a lot of people were killed and to be honest I sometimes questioned the brutality of it and wondered whether it was even necessary.

“Deep down though, I think I always knew it was for the best because it was America. The world’s policemen. Land of the free.

“Ahh, I’m going to sleep soundly tonight knowing my children can look to a brighter, safer future because America protects us from lunatics with dangerously fragile egos.

“Good old U-S-of-A. Well done for getting all the baddies.

“No maniacs.


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