House of Lords told it would be undemocratic to block Hard Brexit Bill no one voted for

The country clearly voted for something last year and the House of Lords must not try to stop the Government giving it something else, it has been warned.


In voting for a Leave campaign promising a nice, soft Brexit, Britain gave Theresa May a very clear mandate to deliver one so hard it will not recognise itself in a mirror, a spokeswoman for the Prime Minister said.

Any attempt by the Lords to block a Bill giving Mrs May carte blanche to deliver the kind of Brexit people didn’t vote for would be a slap in the face for democracy, the spokeswoman added.

The spokeswoman said: “There was a question put to the British people: do you want to stay in the EU or do you want to leave, with access to a ‘free trade zone’ under a ‘new deal’ which would be carefully negotiated ‘before we start any legal process to leave’. And with no ‘sudden stop’ to EU membership.

“And it came back very clearly that by the slimmest of majorities people wanted the latter. So yes, the Prime Minister does have a mandate to give them a sudden Brexit with no deal whatsoever following a complete breakdown in negotiations, if that’s what suits her on the day. And to start the legal process of leaving immediately.

“Now her Hard Brexit Bill has cleared the Commons, the Lords must get on with not delivering the will of the people who asked for something else.”

UKIP Welsh Assembly member David Rowlands said: “Yes, lies took us out of the EU but it was even bigger lies that took us in to begin with, so they sort of cancel each other out.

“Unless I’m lying.”

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