Trump team trapped in cardboard box

Donald Trump and half his team have become trapped inside a large cardboard box in a collective failure of cerebral function.


Senior adviser Kellyanne Conway was first to become trapped in the box, containing clothes ordered online from Ivanka Trump’s fashion label.

Defending herself, Ms Conway said she got “one word wrong” by confusing the notion of getting the clothes “out” with that of putting herself “in”.

“I clarified immediately,” she added, but it was too late – she was already in the box.

She was followed by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who went in to assist her, only to become involved in a disagreement with the fact that they are now both in a box.

Last into the box was President Trump himself, who saw it moving and thought it looked like a game involving the suspension of accepted rules governing personal space.

Other team members are now undecided as to their next move, conscious of the need to get Mr Trump out of the box but also keen to avoid all of them becoming trapped in the box.

The President has vented his frustration in a series of tweets from inside the box, including: “THIS SO-CALLED BOX IS RIDICULOUS! SO POLITICAL!”

Speaking through the box, Mr Trump has issued assurances he will get out eventually, adding “very easily”.

White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon has proposed burning the box and putting himself formally in charge.

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