Labour now less popular among working-class voters than hat of shit

Working-class voters are now less likely to vote Labour than for a top hat full of shit, according to latest research.

collapsible_top_hat_imgp9677A YouGov poll found Labour had dropped to its lowest ever approval rating among blue collar voters, after previously sitting just below a bowler hat of shit.

Labour is now ahead only of a vat of shit in the list of things people would like to see win forthcoming by-elections in Stoke and Cumbria.

It places further pressure on leader Jeremy Corbyn, who has to inspire voters in areas traditionally seen as Labour’s heartlands more than two hats of shit.

Stoke minimum-wage earner Ray Doyle said: “I suppose I could vote for a party that wants me to be better off but I like UKIP leader Paul Nuttall. And hats of shit.”

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