Have you seen these seven signs of a psychopath? world asks US

Are you aware of these seven personality traits of a psychopath and do they remind you of anyone? the world has asked America.

‘We did an image search too and found this. Know who he is?’ world asks US.

The world told the US: “We just Googled ‘psychopath’ for some reason and found these seven clues which made us think of you. Don’t know why.

“The first is ‘glib and superficial’, so maybe some perma-tanned freak with inexplicable hair doing off-the-cuff speeches.

“Apparently they ‘need constant stimulation’, so if they were President maybe they’d hold a rally with hardcore supporters within weeks of taking office. Don’t know why that example came to mind.

“Perhaps they’d need intelligence briefings to be brief, with lots of graphics.

“They have ‘poor behavioural controls’ so perhaps they’d think it’s okay to grope women.

“They’re ‘pathological liars’, constantly telling small lies as well as big ones, about anything from their popularity to their tax affairs, or treasonable links with Russia. Again, not sure where these examples are coming from.

“They ‘never take responsibility’ and accusations will be turned back on the accusers. So if the media called them out for lying, for example, they would call the media liars.

“They have ‘grandiose, exaggerated self-esteem’. Perhaps in the same breath as calling the press liars they would gratuitously comment that they themselves would make a ‘pretty good reporter’.

“Perhaps they’d falsely say they’d enjoyed the biggest Electoral College win since Reagan. If they were President, which they aren’t because we’re blue-skying here.

“Finally, they ‘lack empathy’. How could that manifest itself? Maybe they’d think one reporter’s physical disability was an appropriate subject for public ridicule by imitation.

“Or suddenly ban some people from the country, including legal residents who happen to be overseas, causing five-year-olds to get ‘extreme vetting’ before seeing their mothers.

“Maybe they’d want to use the National Guard to tear apart communities and families.

“Anyway, look, we wrote a list which we’re just going to leave here. You know, in case it reminds you of anyone.

“Small hands.

“What? No, we didn’t say small hands.


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