‘Just wait a bit and this will all blow over,’ Brexit Secretary tells EU

Britain will stay open to migrants for years after Brexit and by then will have finally realised it needs them, so just bear with us, David Davis is telling EU leaders.

‘We need migrants. That’s why we’re leaving the EU,’ says Mr Davis.

While they may hate foreigners, Leavers will hate picking fruit even more, and just need the time to work it out, the Brexit Secretary said in Estonia.

Starting a tour of EU capitals ahead of Brexit negotiations, Mr Davis said: “If we could get British people to do demeaning jobs in 16-hour shifts for £3 an hour then believe us, we would have.

“Brexit will happen, Britain will stay open and years later, when Leavers realise it means we’re going to force them to work for peanuts instead, they’ll decide foreigners aren’t so bad.

“So just carry on as you are while we ‘take back control’,” Mr Davis added with a wink.

Brexit voter Ray Doyle said: “If it will take years to replace migrant workers with British ones then the Government needs to reinstate bursaries so older people like me can retrain as something skilled.

“Because I am not doing that shit.”

Felllow Brexit voter Will Bodie said: “Yeah, well, we still won. Losers!”

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