Have you heard of the Nazis and do they remind you of anyone? world asks US

There were these really bad people called Nazis and it might be for everyone’s good if you looked into that, the world has said to America.

What is wrong with this picture of Trump supporters? world asks US.

The world told the US: “It was this terrible episode in history which frankly we’re beginning to wonder if you know about.

“They accused the media of lying and took control of it. Can you think of any leaders today who are calling the media liars and seem keen to control it? Think hard.

“They were led by this chap who thought the public was stupid and forgetful – boxes you’re ticking by the way – and that the bigger the lie the more it would be believed.

“He loved big rallies, where he’d appeal to fear and resentment and present himself as the solution.

“He liked slogans and promised to make the country great again.

“Is this ringing any bells, McFly?

“He rounded people up. It didn’t end well. Go and look it up. Not on fucking Breitbart.

“And people showed support with a straight-armed salute. So if anyone’s done that in support of, say, your president, it might be a big fucking clue that something’s amiss, Hercule Poirot.

“Or perhaps you’re waiting for him to goose-step?”

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