Ardent Brexiteer still has absolutely no clue of consequences

A vocal Brexit advocate still has no fucking idea what he’s talking about, friends have confirmed.

Mr Doyle, or @BrexitNinja, sends his millionth tweet calling someone a ‘Loser’. He has 10 million followers.

Ray Doyle of Basildon spends his entire life gloating over “winning” the referendum and slamming “Remoaners” and yet the most basic questioning reveals his unassailable ignorance of the matter, say friends.

Friend Will Bodie said: “I spent an hour trying to explain to him that the Leave campaign had promised access to a free trade zone, not a hard Brexit with no deal, and he suddenly said: ‘So I’m not going to be able to buy a German car? Yeah, right. Like that’s going to happen.’

“It felt like telling someone at length about your weekend and them nodding and saying ‘Mm. Mm. That’s nice. What is a weekend?’

“Some say branding people morons is what ‘keeps the Left losing’ but it’s just quite hard not to when they are total morons.

“Also, the same people who say that keep calling me a ‘spastic’ on Twitter, which makes it a bit difficult to take the point seriously.”

George Cowley, another friend of Mr Doyle’s, said: “I asked him what he thought of John Major saying the public would never support making Britain a tax haven if the Government made clear the inevitable damage to public services.

“He produced a picture of a crying baby and said ‘We won. Fag.’”

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