Crowdfund to buy Farage a Blue Peter badge misses £4 target

Ukip’s only MP has angered Nigel Farage with a failed crowdfunding effort to buy him a Blue Peter badge on eBay.

What Farage wanted.

Douglas Carswell had hoped to smooth things over with Farage, who has accused him of blocking a possible Knighthood which the former Ukip leader definitely didn’t want anyway.

After reading an interview in which Farage said that “if something else came along I might accept it,” Carswell said a Blue Peter badge “immediately sprang to mind as realistic and befitting”.

However, the effort backfired after funds fell short of the £4 target and leaked emails revealed Carswell had placed a bid on a £3 soap-on-a-rope Jim’ll Fix It medal instead.

And what he deserves.

Farage – who also blames Carswell for preventing UKIP from coming out as properly racist – sent a series of angry texts to the MP, who infuriated him further by beginning a reply with ‘Now then, now then.’

Farage denied the failure to secure a Blue Peter badge was the source of his anger, telling Swan Bake: “He wants to turn UKIP into a normal political party but racism is still a big motivation for a lot of voters and I would say UKIP now must represent race hate or nothing.

“And it’s not even a real Jim’ll Fix It medal.”

Carswell said it was proportionate to Farage’s contribution to Britain, adding: “How’s about that then?”

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