Oxford English Dictionary adds ‘hypocritron’ to describe Theresa May

Dictionary editors have been forced to create a new word following a Theresa May speech containing the highest concentration of hypocrisy ever discovered.

Theresa May addresses the Conservative’s Scottish conference.

Mrs May, who has threatened to make the UK a public-service-free tax haven for the sake of Brexit, accused the SNP of having an “obsession with independence at the expense of public services,” causing the word ‘hypocrisy’ to “break” according to Oxford English Dictionary editors.

The OED’s Professor Brian Cox said: “Hypocrisy spontaneously changed meaning in a defence mechanism and now refers to the sound of someone eating crisps on a train.

“We considered a number of new words to describe Mrs May, including hypocretinous, hypocrockofshit and hyposaurus rex.

“But the final decision was unanimous: she is the Hypocritron.

“Think of it as like the evil Megatron from Transformers except instead of changing from a truck into a monster she stays as a truck and goes around telling people how much they look like trucks.

“And is a monster.”

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