Man who distrusts all mainstream media has absolutely no idea what’s going on

A man who uses the term ‘mainstream media’ as a criticism has no fucking clue what is happening, it has emerged.

mainstream media

Ray Doyle thinks all major news outlets spread ‘fake news’ and as a result only reads fake news.

After relying on Facebook to keep him informed, he thinks Barack Obama has been caught fighting for Isis using weapons he sold to himself and does not know Donald Trump is insane.

Mr Doyle said: “Why isn’t the mainstream media asking why Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond are both named after fish? Isn’t that suspicious?

“Yet the BBC has not mentioned it once. If it weren’t for all the stories about illuminati space fish in my news feed, I might not even know about it.

“The beauty is, because it’s filtered by Facebook it’s all stuff I want to hear and therefore true.”

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