Nothing surprising anymore

Nothing is surprising anymore, it has been confirmed.

A senior MP is a newspaper editor and the entire UK is about to take an irreversible step it has no idea how to complete and an incoherent human fiasco is US president and it all just seems normal, according to experts.


Expert Professor Brian Cox said: “It’s like a sitcom that’s gone on too long so all the ideas have run out and they make Monica date Chandler and you think ‘What? Fuck off’ but keep watching because there’s nothing else to do.

“Before you know it Jean-Claude Van Damme turns up as himself and you’re not sure whether it’s a sitcom or reality TV and just don’t care anymore.

“That’s why we smile when a prominent Nazi gets humiliated on Twitter instead of saying ‘There’s a prominent Nazi? On Twitter? With 55,000 followers?

“‘What the actual fuck?’

“Another analogy might be Fonzie jumping the shark, except the shark is a Nazi and Fonzie is the nephew of a Jewish composer and the Days are not Happy.”

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