Is it wrong to feel pleased? right-wing Islamophobe asks himself

A right-wing bigot briefly questioned his sense of glee at news of yesterday’s London terror attack before sniggering as his thoughts turned to Islamophobic memes.


Ray Doyle, of Lancing, West Sussex, said: “I saw the news break on Twitter and found myself rubbing my hands and quietly saying ‘Good, good,’ and suddenly thought ‘Wait a minute. Is that normal?’

“But the moment of clarity was brief because I’ve got this meme I made a while ago of Angela Merkel in a hijab saying ‘Ich bin Islamocunt’ and when I remembered that I laughed.

“It’s not funny, obviously. The hate/humour/intelligence ratio is all to cock, even for a hate-fueled thick-as-shit humour-vacuum and like me, which is why I hadn’t been able to use it.

“Until now. Now the conditions at last were right.

“So I posted it and as the seriousness of the tragedy unfolded it got more likes and I smiled.”

Told of the news by his mouth-breathing apprentice Donald Trump, Steve Bannon said: “Good, good. Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.”

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