‘Patriots’ celebrate as Britain plunges into abyss

We love Britain and that’s why we are willing to gamble its very existence to maybe get rid of the bits we hate, Leave campaigners have said.

Cliff edge

If you like the country just as it is, that’s because you hate it, added Richard Tice, co-chairman of the Leave means Leave campaign.

Speaking as Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50, Mr Tice said: “Unpatriotic Remoaners will continue to try to derail Britain’s descent into intolerant isolationism, economic decline and probable break-up, because they don’t love it like we do.

“And by the way, they’re one of the many things about it we hate and should probably consider getting out along with the others.

“Leave means Leave.”

Remainer Jill Munroe said: “Yes, I see. They love it. That’s why they need to irrevocably change it.

“Or, could this be a straightforward confusion of the similar terms ‘patriotic’ and ‘idiotic’?”

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