Ken Livingstone still puzzled by Jewish community’s unwillingness to compare themselves to Hitler

Ken Livingstone still has no idea how Jewish people could be offended at his suggestion they aren’t so different to Hitler.

“Hitler used shops,” Mr Livingstone tells a Jewish shopkeepers’ convention, adding: “What? It’s true.”

As a result, a year after saying Hitler “supported Zionism before he went mad”, Mr Livingstone continues to handle the situation with the sensitivity of tranquilized rhinocerous.

The former London Mayor is also losing his battle against a compulsion to compare everyone he meets to the Nazi leader.

Addressing a group of Jewish schoolchildren, Mr Livingstone said: “Let’s not forget that Adolf Hitler was a child too once.

“Then he murdered your great-grandparents on an industrial scale never seen at any other time in history.

“But before that, before he went mad, he was a child.

“What? It’s true!”

One child responded: “Are you sure Hitler wasn’t always mad?”

Asked by Swan Bake if he would apologise, Mr Livingstone said: “No, you can say anything if it’s true.

“I apologise to me on behalf of you.

“In many ways you’re like a concentration camp guard.”

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