Man urges country to do something it’s already done

A man is ramping up his campaign to get the country to do something it already did.


Ten months after the country voted to leave the EU, Ray Doyle remains unaccountably dissatisfied and so continues to run a Vote Leave street stall selling leftover T-shirts and posters with a small band of activists in Lancing, West Sussex.

“Vote leave,” Mr Doyle said.

As well as urging the country to do the thing it already did, Mr Doyle also reminds anyone not pleased about it that it’s too late because it’s already done.

“The country voted leave,” Mr Doyle said.

Mr Doyle’s wife Susan said: “Some say Ray is driven by the dawning realisation that he doesn’t feel any different and his life is still shit.

“I say to them it’s a disorder.

“The other day we were on our way into town and he said ‘Hurry up, Susan, get in the car.’

“I said ‘I’m driving, Ray. We’re nearly there.’

“Then he said ‘Will you marry me.’

“I said ‘I want a divorce’ and he said ‘Too late, you already married me.'”

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